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    Gao Feng: Dear friends from the press, good afternoon. Welcome to the regular press conference. Since I don’t have announcements to make today, we can proceed directly to Q&A. The floor is open.


    Central Radio and Television Station: Could you brief on the specific consensus reached by the two sides during the just concluded 9th round of China-US economic and trade consultations? What progress has been made? What differences remain? Can we take it that an agreement is within reach?


    Gao Feng: In April 3-5, Vice Premier Liu He and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin co-chaired the 9th round of China-US economic and trade consultations in Washington. The two sides discussed the texts on IP protection, technology transfer, non-tariff measures, services, agriculture, trade balance and implementation, with new progress. The two sides will conduct further consultations on remaining issues under the guidance of the importance consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries. Thank you.


    CGTN: Just now, you mentioned that in the 9th round of consultations, the two sides agreed to conduct further consultations on remaining issues in various ways. What remaining issues are there? Does it mean that there will be a 10th round of consultations? Or is it not limited to face-to-face talks? Could you share with us the timetable for the consultations later?


    Gao Feng: After the 9th round of China-US economic and trade consultations were concluded, the principals on both sides made calls to discuss remaining issues. In the next step, the trade and economic teams on both sides would keep in close touch in various effective ways and devote every effort to continue to negotiate and work towards the implementation of the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries. Thank you.


    International Business Daily: Could you brief on the economic and trade outcomes of the 21st China-EU Summit?


    Gao Feng: In the afternoon of April 9, Premier Li Keqiang co-chaired the 21st China-EU leaders' meeting with President of the European Council Donald Tusk and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. The two sides achieved a series of economic and trade outcomes, jointly sending the message in firm support of multilateralism, in opposition to unilateralism and protectionism and strengthening two-way cooperation on trade and investment, offering a strong driving force for further development of China-EU trade and economic cooperation in a new era.


    In areas of two-way cooperation on trade and investment, China and the EU commit to build their economic relationship on openness, non-discrimination, fair competition, transparency and mutual benefits and providing each other with broader and more facilitated, non-discriminatory market access. The two sides commit to achieve in the course of 2019 the decisive progress required for the conclusion of an ambitious China-EU Comprehensive Investment Agreement in 2020. China and the EU commit to work together in the coming months to resolve the remaining issues in relation to the outstanding GI, which is necessary in order to be able to formally conclude the negotiations in 2019.


    On the multilateral front, China and the EU firmly support the rules-based multilateral trading system with the WTO at its core, fight against unilateralism and protectionism. The two sides reaffirm their joint commitment to co-operate on WTO reform and agreed to continue working to resolve the crisis in the WTO Appellate Body and build convergence on other areas.


    In terms of the alignment of the Belt and Road and relevant EU strategies, the two sides will continue to forge synergies between China's Belt and Road Initiative and the EU strategy on Connecting Europe and Asia as well as the EU Trans-European Transport Networks and enhance communication within the framework of the China-EU Connectivity Platform.


    In addition, China and the EU also signed cooperation documents on energy, competition and other areas.


    China stands ready to work with the EU to strengthen cooperation and make joint efforts to implement the economic and trade outcomes of this leaders' meeting as early as possible so that the companies and peoples on both sides could gain substantial benefits as early as possible. Thank you.


    Shanghai Securities News: Shaanxi, Sichuan and other FTZs are going to celebrate their second anniversary. Mr. Spokesperson, how could the experience gained from these FTZs be replicated and rolled out? Will there be an expansion of FTZs?


    Gao Feng: As for the third group of seven FTZs, including Shaanxi and Sichuan, after two years of their establishment, they have gathered some reform and pilot experience to roll out nationwide. For example, Liaoning FTZ developed innovative pilot programs centered on Northeast Asian International Shipping Centre, disseminating the new regulatory model of “bonded mixed ore”; Zhejiang FTZ explored investment liberalization and trade facilitation of commodities centered on oil products, disseminating five policy measures on the supply of bonded fuel oil, including the new model of credit regulation for bonded fuel oil companies; Shaanxi FTZ took the initiative to explore and enhance the spillover effects of the China-Europe block train, disseminating the new model of “consolidated shipping bills of rail transportation”, significantly increasing the customs clearance efficiency for the China-Europe block train. Such reform and pilot experience comes from localities and serves the entire country, well-representing the results of contrast and complementary tests and achieving the expected targets of more diverse and high-level institutional innovation outcomes through diversified exploration.


    In general, in recent years, according to the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the FTZ development centers on institutional innovation and replicable and scalable institutional outcomes, making in-depth exploration and bold attempts at investment, trade, finance and interim- and post-supervision. A total of 153 items of reform and pilot experience were accumulated for the dissemination nationwide, with fruitful results. They have been serving as important testing fields for reform and opening up. The rollout of FTZ reform and pilot experience facilitates the national reform of “Streamline Administration, Delegate Power, Strengthen Regulation and Improve Service”, reduces the burden of companies and revitalizes market players, improving business environment nationwide and sharing the benefits of reform and opening up.


    In the next step, under the guidance of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, we will conduct the following work: First, forming more replicable and scalable experience. Up till now, we have already gathered a new batch of reform and pilot experience and will publish them in good time. Second, effectively implementing the reform and pilot experience that has already been replicated and rolled out. We will conduct training and exchanges in various channels, timely supervise and summarize the implementation to ensure its effectiveness. Third, enhancing the spillover effects of the FTZs. We will support the relevant FTZ reform and pilot programs by state-level economic development zones, new and hi-tech zones and new areas and build relevant platforms into demonstration areas for replicating and rolling out FTZ reform experience.


    As for the FTZ expansion program you have mentioned, MOFCOM is working with Shanghai to introduce plans for a new section of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Under the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, we will develop the pilot FTZs at high levels and with high quality.


    CNR: We have noticed that, on April 9, the second phase of China-Pakistan FTA negotiations made some progress. Could you brief on that? When will the negotiation end?


    Gao Feng: On April 9, the 11th meeting of the second phase of China-Pakistan FTA negotiations was held in Beijing. After friendly consultations, the two sides made substantial progress in trade in goods, investment and customs cooperation. We look forward to the early signing of the agreement for the second phase of China-Pakistan FTA negotiations, which could bring more benefits to the companies and peoples of the two countries. Thank you.


    【Macau Asia Satellite Television】The Report on the Work of the Government of this year proposed to speed up the negotiation of China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Agreement. Could you brief us on the progress made so far and the focuses of relevant parties?


    14 rounds of negotiations CJK Free Trade Agreement have been held so far and the 15th round is undergoing now. During the 14th round held in last December in Beijing, consensus was reached on speeding up the negotiation. Based on the outcomes achieved on RCEP negotiations of which China, Japan and the ROK were participating countries, all three parties agreed to further promote trade and investment liberalization, elevate standards of rules, in a bid to create a free trade agreement of a higher level.


    The 15th round is being held from April 9 to 12 in Tokyo, Japan. This is also the first round of talks since consensus on speeding up the negotiation was reached. Three parties will be holding chief negotiators meeting, consultations at director general level and over a dozen of group meetings on specific issues. Substantive talks will be carried out on issues of trade in goods, trade in services and investment.


    China is willing to work with Japan and the ROK to make headways of the negotiation. Thank you.


    【China Business Herald】The Canton Fair Spring 2019 will be held next week. Could you introduce the participation of foreign trade enterprises in the Canton Fair this year? Are overseas purchasers active in participation? What are the new features of this year’s Canton Fair compared to previous ones?


    The 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be open on April 15. The exhibition area of the Canton Fair will reach 1.185 million square meters, with 60651 booths and 25496 exhibitors from home and abroad. The 125th Canton Fair has the following features compared to previous ones:


    First, exhibitors and product structure keep optimizing. With the active participation of industrial leading companies, together 2296 brand companies will attend the Canton Fair and over 30% of products will be updated. Significant increase is seen in the numbers of exhibitors with independent intellectual property rights, brands and marketing and exhibits with high tech-value, high added-value and low-carbon nature. The professionalism and branding level of the Canton Fair are further improved.


    Second, premium purchasers around the world are invited to attend the Canton Fair. This year’s Canton Fair is expected to have purchasers from over 210 countries and regions to visit or make purchases.


    Third, parallel forums and matchmaking events will be more professional and focused. By fully leveraging the role of Canton Fair as a multi-functional comprehensive platform, 20 thematic forums will be held and over 50 events will be organized of various forms on image presentation, industrial promotion and trade connection for more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. 8 local industrial clusters as a whole will also attend the exhibition.


    Fourth, efforts will be strengthened in poverty alleviation through the Canton Fair. While maintaining the policy of offering free booths for exhibitors from impoverished regions, the Canton Fair will continue to dedicate an area for products peculiar to impoverished regions. Over 700 exhibitors are expected to attend the exhibition free of charge. During the exhibition, we will also launch the first promotion event in the exhibition area themed on poverty alleviation so as to give full support to companies from poor regions to explore the international market.


    We hope this year’s Canton Fair can continue to offer support to companies to explore the international market, strengthen their own brands, promote steady development of China’s foreign trade, thus realizing high quality development. Thank you.


    【CBN Daily】On April 5, local time, the WTO published its first ruling on national security issues. As regards disputes between Russia and Ukraine, the ruling of the WTO claimed that it has the right to decide whether restrictive measures are necessary due to security threats. However, the US President Donald Trump said earlier that the WTO had no right to make rulings on these issues. Does China think that imposing restrictive measures for the reason of security threats will be included in the WTO reform in the future?


    Gao Feng: Members of the press, good afternoon. Welcome to the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce. With no announcement to make today, I’d like to open the floor for questions. Questions, please.


    CNS: We’ve noted that recently the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council announced the continued suspension of additional tariffs on vehicles and parts originating in the US. What is the consideration behind the decision? Will the US put on hold the additional tariffs on some Chinese products? Are China and the US close to a deal?


    Gao Feng: At their meeting during the G20 Summit in Argentina, the presidents of China and the US reached a major consensus on trade and economic issues. As part of the presidents’ consensus, the US pushed back the deadline for raising the tariff rate on Chinese exports to the US to 25% from Jan. 1st to Mar. 2nd, 2019. After that, in order to push the consultations, China announced a three-month suspension of additional tariffs on US vehicles and parts with the expiry date of Mar. 31st.


    On Mar. 5th, the US officially announced a further postponement of the deadline for raising the tariff rate to 25% until further notice. On Mar. 31st, the Customs Tariff Commission announced an extension to the tariff suspension for US vehicles and parts until further notice. The above decisions will undoubtedly help create a favorable atmosphere for China-US trade and economic consultations. Thank you.


    CGTN: We know the 9th round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations are underway and have also noted that the recent rounds are back-to-back with very tight schedules. What had the 8th round agreed? What was the progress? In what way did it pave the way and prepare for the ongoing round?


    Gao Feng: From Mar. 28th to 29th, Vice Premier Liu He and USTR Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin co-chaired the 8th round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations in Beijing. The two sides discussed the related texts of the agreement and made new progress, creating favorable conditions for the following 9th round. Thank you.


    Phoenix Satellite TV: We know the 9th round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations are underway in Washington D.C. What is the progress that can be shared so far? At the current stage, what expectations does China have for the prospects of a deal?


    Gao Feng: At the invitation of the US, Vice Premier Liu He headed a delegation to the US and co-chaired the 9th round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations with USTR Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. The consultations are still underway. We’ll share with you once there’s further information.


    China would like to work with the US team to conscientiously implement the important consensus of the presidents in Argentina. Thank you.


    Xinhua News Agency: Starting from Apr. 1st, the VAT on manufacturing, among others, will be reduced from 16% to 13%. As a result, some premium car manufacturers have also cut the prices. We know that cars are a big-ticket item. What is your view of the effect of the measure on boosting car consumption in China? What are other favorable factors for car consumption this year?


    Gao Feng: We have noted that upon the announcement of VAT cut for manufacturing and other sectors, some carmakers reduced car prices, which was followed by drops in fuel and parts prices. This reduces the consumer costs to buy and own cars. Meanwhile, car manufacturers can also invest more in product upgrade for better and greater consumer choice. Overall, the VAT cut can boost car consumption.


    In 2018, automotive consumption above a designated amount accounted for 26.8% of total retail sales of consumer goods above a designated amount. We’ll work with related departments through multiple positive measures to optimize environment, increase supplies, promote upgrade and expand consumption for the healthy and stable development of China’s car consumption market.


    First, we’ll optimize market environment with emphasis on enforcement targeting unclear pricing, extra charging, tie-in sales, and unjustified restrictions on dealers, so as to create a reassuring consumption environment for consumers of orderly competition. Second, we’ll widen supply channels and deepen the promotion of parallel car import to meet diversified and multi-tiered consumer demand. Third, to promote consumption structure upgrade, we’ll push for the introduction of regulations, rules and related national standards for car replacement and secondhand trading, remove the cap on the number of vehicle recycling companies, liberalize the remanufacturing and reuse of the five systems of decommissioned cars, fully lift the restriction on used car transfer and improve the long-term mechanism for car consumption promotion. Fourth, we’ll promote the development of car aftermarket and work to expand the space of car consumption. Related industries will be promoted such as car racing, tourism, culture and modification to tap into the potentials of the aftermarket. Thank you.


    International Business Daily: China and Peru held negotiations to upgrade the bilateral FTA several days ago. Could you please brief us on this?


    Gao Feng: In November 2016, during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Peru, China and Peru announced to launch a joint study on upgrading China-Peru FTA. The upgrade negotiations kicked off in November 2018. It is the fifth FTA China is going to upgrade besides the ones with ASEAN, Chile, Singapore and New Zealand.


    From April 1st to 4th, the first round of upgrade negotiations and the second meeting of China-Peru FTA Committee took place in Beijing. The two sides took stock of and summarized what has been achieved since the implementation of the CPFTA and discussed services trade, investment, intellectual property, e-commerce, competition policy, customs procedures and trade facilitation, rules of origin and other issues relevant to upgrading the FTA. The negotiations made positive progress and got off to a good start.


    The CPFTA is one of the FTAs China established with its trading partners setting the highest level of liberalization in trade in goods. Overall speaking, since its entry into force in March 2010, the agreement has been well implemented with utilization rate going up every year. The CPFTA has made the most of the economic complementarity between the two countries, tapped into the growth potential of bilateral trade, elevated China-Peru trade and economic cooperation and further substantiated the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Peru.


    Peru is China’s fourth largest trading partner and second largest investment destination in Latin America while China is Peru’s largest trading partner and key source of investment. According to Chinese customs statistics, since the CPFTA was implemented, total import and export between the two sides has exceeded USD 120 billion. In 2018, bilateral trade in goods grew up by 14.7% year-on-year to USD 23.1 billion, which is 3.6 times as much as before the implementation. That competitive Chinese and Peruvian goods access each other’s market at a more attractive price and with greater ease has brought real benefits to businesses and peoples of the two countries. With respect to services trade, bilateral trade in services amounted to USD 1.22 billion in the first three quarters in 2018, up by 33.4% year-on-year. In addition, the CPFTA has created a more stable and transparent institutional environment for expanding two-way investment. Peru has become the prime choice of destination for Chinese investors.


    China will continue to work with Peru to press ahead with the upgrade negotiations in the principle of flexible, practical and efficient cooperation with a view to taking bilateral trade and economic cooperation to a higher level. Thank you.


    Shenzhen Satellite TV: Premier Li Keqiang will visit Brussels for the 21st China-EU leaders’ meeting. Could you introduce current trade and economic relations between China and the EU? What’s China’s expectation of this visit?


    Gao Feng: China and the EU are each other’s major trade and economic cooperation partner. Bilateral commercial cooperation has expanded over the last few years.


    First, bilateral trade continues to grow. According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2018, bilateral trade hit a new record high with import and export value reaching USD 682.2 billion, up by 10.6% year-on-year. The EU has been China’s largest trading partner for 15 consecutive years. In January and February, bilateral trade stood at USD 107.48 billion, up by 3.7% year-on-year, maintaining a sound momentum of growth.


    Second, two-way investment increases steadily. In 2018, the paid-in investment by the EU in China increased by 25.7% to USD 10.42 billion while Chinese direct investment in the EU totaled USD 8.11 billion, a YOY growth of 7.1%. As of last February, EU’s actual investment in China had amounted to USD 132.18 billion, making the trade bloc China’s third largest source of foreign investment, while China had invested USD 95.2 billion in the EU, which has become the second largest destination of Chinese investment.


    Third, bilateral trade and economic cooperation is expanding. The two sides have witnessed good cooperation in such areas as trade, investment, finance, infrastructure and third market and enjoy a broad prospect of cooperation on digital economy, environmental protection, science and technology and other emerging economic sectors.


    China is ready to deepen result-oriented cooperation in all aspects with the EU in the principle of mutual respect and win-win cooperation. We are willing to push forward the negotiations of China-EU bilateral investment treaty, jointly uphold multilateralism and free trade and work to build an open world economy. Thank you.


    CNR: My question is also related to China-EU relations. President Xi Jinping noted during his visit to Europe that China and the EU should move faster with the BIT negotiations, which was echoed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Juncker of the European Commission. Premier Li Keqiang will visit the EU next week. How is the BIT negotiation going? Will there be major breakthroughs this year?


    Gao Feng: As I’ve already mentioned, the two sides have had 20 rounds of negotiations and 14 in-between meetings. During the 20th China-EU leaders’ meeting in July 2018, China and the EU exchanged official offers on the list, marking the start of a new stage of the negotiation. The two teams are working hard to press ahead with negotiations on the text and list.


    Both China and the EU want to cut a deal at an early date. A comprehensive and ambitious investment treaty will not only create an enabling environment and provide quality protection for their investors in each other’s market but also contribute to deepening China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership and enhancing practical bilateral cooperation.


    We hope that China and the EU can pull in the same direction, step up efforts in negotiations and strive to reach agreement as early as possible so as to benefit businesses and people on both sides. Thank you.


    China Media Group CRI: We noted that Premier Li Keqiang is going to visit Croatia for the 8th China-CEEC leaders’ meeting and pay an official visit to Croatia. What expectations does China have for this meeting? Could you share with us information on China’s trade and economic cooperation with CEE countries?


    Gao Feng: In recent years, trade and economic cooperation between China and CEE countries have kept improving. First, the bilateral trade has maintained a sound momentum for growth. In 2018, China’s trade with 16 CEE countries reached USD82.23 billion, up by 21%. In breakdown, China exported USD59.19 billion, up by 19.6%, imported USD23.04 dollar, up by 24.6%. Second, the two-way investment kept on expanding and diversifying. As of now, Chinese enterprises have invested over USD10 billion in CEE countries, while the 16 CEE countries have invested over USD1.5 billion in China, covering machinery manufacturing, auto parts, petrochemical, finance, environmental protection, aviation, and pharmaceuticals. Third, our cooperation in infrastructure connectivity has moved forward smoothly. The transport passage between Asia and Europe is being built as a faster pace. Some major transport projects are advancing steadily. A total of 13,000 CR Express have operated. The CEE countries have become important hubs along the Eurasia Continental Bridge.


    China supports European integration and is willing to deepen trade and economic cooperation with CEE countries, foster synergy between the BRI and development strategies of CEE countries, make the best us of various mechanisms and platforms such as the China-CEEC Economic and Trade Forum, China-CEEC Ministerial Meeting on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation, and China-CEEC Expo, so as to deepen the 16+1 trade and economic cooperation and deliver win-win development. Thank you.


    CBN Daily: US President Trump and Brasil President Bolsonaro released a joint statement in Washington D.C. on March 19th, claiming that President Bolsonaro has agreed to give up special and differential treatment in WTO negotiations at the suggestion of the US. Will China adjust its positions on WTO reform? Is it possible that China will also give up special and differential treatment?


    Gao Feng: We have taken note of the statement. Special and differential treatment (SDT) is a basic right enjoyed by the broad developing Members of the WTO and a fundamental principle underpinning the WTO, as it fully demonstrates the inclusiveness of the multilateral trading system. Every Member has the right to choose its policies on foreign trade and economy. The right of developing Members to enjoy SDT must be ensured.


    China has clear-cut positions on WTO reform. As the largest developing country, China does not shirk its due international responsibilities, and is willing to undertake WTO obligations that are commensurate with our development level and capabilities. As a matter of fact, this is what we have been doing and will continue to do. In the meantime, we will, alongside other developing Members, stand up for our basic rights, air our common voices, and safeguard our development interests. We hope all WTO Members will respect each other, seek common ground while shelving differences, jointly push forward WTO reform and advance the multilateral trading system on the right track. Thank you.


    CCTV Finance: At the Boao Forum for Asia this year, Premier Li Keqiang announced the plan to complete formulation of ancillary measures of the Foreign Investment Law and publish a shortened negative list by the end of June. Does MOFCOM have any plans and what measure will be taken to achieve these targets?


    Gao Feng: MOFCOM has held several meetings to collect opinions from the business community and experts on the ancillary regulations of the Foreign Investment Law. We are also colleting opinions from applicable local governments. In the next step, we will collaborate with the Ministry of Justice to develop ancillary regulations to spell out the details of the legal system established by the Foreign Investment Law, so that the Foreign Investment Law can be implemented timely and smoothly.


    As for the negative list for foreign investment, NDRC and MOFCOM are working on the revision, pushing for whole foreign ownership in more areas, and stepping up the stress test in the pilot free trade zones. We are also sorting out the restrictive measures outside the negative list to ensure equal market access for domestic enterprises and FIEs in areas outside the negative list.


    CBN TV: It is reported that a third Canadian company is notified by China Customs, following Richardson International Ltd and ViterraInc, whose qualifications to export canola seeds were withdrawn. Could you confirm whether this is true?


    Gao Feng: According to our knowledge, on March 1st and 26th, China Customs revoked the registration of two Canadian companies found to have serious problems, and suspended their export of canola seeds to China. Previously, GACC had notified Canada that the products of these two companies and a third one is below standard. The third company did not have its qualifications revoked because no further problems have been identified for the moment. China has requested the Canadian side to investigate the causes and take effective measures to prevent such problems from happening again. Thank you.


    Shanghai Securities News: It is reported that about 100 Indian exporters have registered to participate in the second CIIE. Could you share with us the information on participation from other countries?


    Gao Feng: The preparations for the 2nd CIIE are well under way.


    In terms of exhibitors, by April 2nd, over 1,800 companies have registered for participation. Among them, over 900 companies from 77 countries and regions, including 17 G20 Members and 30 plus BRI partner countries have signed agreements. Over 180 Fortune 500 and industrial leaders have also signed agreements.


    In terms of buyers, we will focus on targeted business attraction, especially by inviting more private businesses and SMEs as well as oversea buyers.


    Going forward, we will follow the holistic arrangement of the organizing committee, work earnestly on the national exhibitions and enterprise exhibitions, improve organization for business matchmaking, make careful preparations for the Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum, so as to ensure the success of the 2nd CIIE.


    Any more questions? If not, this is the end of today’s press conference. Thank you.




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GTA 5 for Android 鏈夎禋缃戝拰蹇箰璧氬摢涓ソ 鏃ヨ禋鍑犵櫨鐨勭綉涓婇」鐩? 缃戝▉瀹? 瀹夊簡瀛︾敓鏆戝亣宸? 鍚勫ぇ閾惰瀹樼綉 yijia涓€鍔? 寰韩蹇楠楀眬 鏈烘墦鏅エ qq瓒呯骇浼氬憳璇曠敤鍗¢鍙? 浠插崥褰╃エ瀹夊崜瀹㈡埛绔? 鍗冧竾涓嶈鍔炰俊鐢ㄥ崱 5888鐏垎鎷涘晢缃? 缃戣祵鍑洪粦鍑哄垎鎶€鏈暀绋? 姹熻嫃澶у鏅烘収灏变笟骞冲彴 楂樹腑鐢熸兂瑕佽禋閽? 鐪嬫柊闂昏禋闆惰姳閽遍潬璋卞悧 qq鎵撳瓧鍏嶈垂鎺ュ崟缇? 2019鏈€鏂癮pp鎺ㄥ箍璧氫剑閲戝钩鍙? 杩呴浄涓嬩笉鍔ㄧ殑璧勬簮鎬庝箞鍔? 椋炵尓蹇€熷崌绾? 澶у鐢熸牎澶栧吋鑱屾柊闂绘姤閬? 鏀惰揣璺戣矾璧氬鍚? 鍜屽鍥戒汉鑱婂ぉ鐨勫伐鍏? 浠€涔堢綉娓歌兘鎸傛満 骞垮憡鍙e彿 鍏ㄧ綉浼樻儬鍒哥湡鐨勮禋閽卞悧 闈犺氨璧氶挶璇曠帺骞冲彴 鎴戞兂鍋氬吋鑱屽彂鏈嬪弸鍦堟€庝箞璇? 鐢熸椿鎶犻棬鐪侀挶妗堜緥 浼侀箙鍙蜂綔鑰呯畝浠? 浠樻鍚庡晢鍝佽繃鏈熶笉瀛樺湪 鍚堣偉鍌敹琚€? 鍒锋帹骞块摼鎺ヨ蒋浠? 鏈€鏉冨▉鐨勪簩鎵嬭溅缃戠珯 浼侀箙鎬庝箞涔? 绛旈灏辫兘璧氶挶鐨勮蒋浠? 瀛楀箷鍏艰亴 txt 灏忚 涓嬭浇 鍥涘ぇ璐㈢粡 鍏艰亴缃戠珯鍝釜闈犺氨浜? 瀹炶鎶ュ憡蹇冨緱浣撲細鑼冩枃 榛戦┈蹇埛缃? 淇℃伅宸ぇ鐨勪骇鍝? 娣樺疂鍋氫换鍔″井淇¢绀煎搧 骞垮憡鑱旂洘鎬庝箞璧氶挶 涓夊皬鏃跺揩瀛︽湡鏉冧笅杞? 棣欐腐鎷涜仒缃戠珯鍝釜濂? 涓浗璞℃鐢佃剳鐗? 鎵嬫満鏈変粈涔堣禋閽辩殑濂芥柟娉曞悧 缃戜笂鍏艰亴鎬庝箞閫€鍑? 濂冲瀛愯ppp浠€涔堟剰鎬濈殑 ppp铻嶈祫妯″紡 鎴戠埍缃戞媿骞冲彴鏄湡鏄亣 瓒崇悆鏃犳崯鍒锋祦姘? 鎸傜洿鎾处鍙疯禋閽? 鍐滃満娓告垙寮€鍙? 灏忕背鏈夊搧瀹樼綉鏃楄埌搴? 浜垮煄濞变箰鏄瑙勫钩鍙板悧 鎵嬫満涓€澶╃ǔ瀹?0鍧楅挶鎬庝箞璧? 璇峰畨瑁呴叿鐙? 缃戝簵瀹㈡湇鍏艰亴鎬庝箞鎵? 瑁呭绯荤粺寮哄ぇ鐨勫崟鏈烘父鎴? 缇婃瘺鐪侀挶鎻愮幇澶氫箙鍒拌处 娴峰叧灏忚绉嶆嫑鑱? 瀹岀編鍥介檯濡備綍璧氶挶 鍙岃耽褰╃エ甯︾泩鍒╁甯? 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鍔炰俊鐢ㄥ崱骞冲彴浣i噾楠楀眬 浜屽洓鍏ぉ涓嬪僵路澶╃┖褰╃エ 鑵捐鏈€璧氶挶娓告垙 褰╃エ鍒锋祦姘村甯堥潬浠€涔堣禋閽? 鏄庢湞姝ц鍗楁柟 绾垮埛瀹濆畼缃戜笅杞? 寮€鍙戜竴娆綼pp瑕佸灏戦挶 浜屾湰璁$畻鏈轰笓涓氭瘯涓氳柂璧? 鑷獟浣撲紒楣呰处鍙峰湪鍝噷涔? 绌风埜鐖稿瘜鐖哥埜娓告垙涓嬭浇 2019骞存槸涔欎亥骞村悧 寰俊铏氭嫙浜у搧鏆村埄鍋忛棬 缃戠粶璧氶挶鍗氬 濞变箰澶存潯 鍐滄潙濂介」鐩? 鍙瘯鐜╁箍鍛? 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浣犻偅涔堢埍浠? 2019淇℃伅绯荤粺椤圭洰绠$悊甯? 鑷効鍙戠孩鍖呯畻璇堥獥鍚? 娣樺疂杩借瘎鍏艰亴app涓嬭浇 鏀粯瀹濇帴鍙f枃妗? 娌圭1000鎾斁閲忓灏戦挶 绂忓埄缃戠珯浜ゆ祦鍚? <span class="F_oJBP"></span><img src="http://ms.bdimg.com/pacific/1906282987.jpg" class="fZpUgD "/><div class="lFbLQx"> </div><div class="JuDiMt"><span class="F_oJBP"></span><div class="HmcODv"><p class="c-gap-bottom-small">鏃跺皻缇庤</p><span class="c-btn c-btn-primary c-btn-mini" href="#">鍘荤湅鐪?/span></div></div></div><div class="wGhzUC c-gap-top-small" title="鏃跺皻缇庤" >鏃跺皻缇庤</div><div class="tDcGRM">鍝佽川鍏间紭</div> 澶фⅵ鍥㈡窐瀹濆埛鎵? 2018鑳借禋rmb鐨勬墜娓? 鍏紬鍙疯繍钀ヤ唬鐞? 鍒╃敤褰╃エ鍏紡璧氶挶鏄湡鐨勫悧 鏈€鐑棬缃戦〉娓告垙鎺掕姒? 鍙h閮ㄩ槦鎬庝箞鍗囩骇蹇? 鍗佸ぇ鐭ヨ瘑棰嗗煙 123鐧句竾缃楁櫉 鎴戠帺鐏颁骇鐨勮繖鍑犲勾 鍗氬僵鎺ㄥ箍鎷変汉璧氶挶鍚? 鍦ㄧ嚎璧勬簮姣忓ぉ鏇存柊 鑲$エ浜ゆ槗浣i噾 瓒eご鏉℃墜鏈哄伐浣滃鍒峰悧 鐢佃剳鎸i挶骞冲彴 涔扮綉涓婇粦褰╂姄鍒版€庝箞鍔? 鍏爜骞虫姇鐩堝埄鎶€宸? 蹇€?鍗曞彿鏌ヨ 鍗庡閾惰浜烘墠鎷涜仒瀹樼綉 瀹跺涵灏忕倰500娆? 浜т笟淇冭繘 骞磋禋鐧句竾閮芥槸鍝簺琛屼笟 鍙互鐢ㄦ墜鏈鸿禋閽辩殑杞欢 閭d釜杞欢鑳戒拱瓒崇悆绔炲僵 濂囪繕鍗$瀹舵帹鑽愪汉鎵嬫満鍙? 娣樺疂鍙互缁勫悎鏀粯鍚? 鏃ユ湰鎺ュ揩閫掔姱娉曞亸闂? 褰╃エ楠楀眬 鍒涗笟鎶曡祫浼佷笟绠$悊鏆傝鍔炴硶 鎵嬫満缁翠慨鎸i挶 鑷村瘜缁忓崠鍖呭瓙鑺傜洰 鏈堝伐璧勫浣曡绠? 涓浗鐭ョ綉 鎵撶爜璧氱背鐪熺殑鍋囩殑 鑻规灉4鏈€缁忓吀鐨勫崟鏈烘父鎴? 缃戠粶鍏艰亴300涓€澶╂槸鐪熺殑鍚? 寰俊鍏堟媺榛戝啀鍒犻櫎 宸ョ▼绠$悊鏄仛浠€涔堢殑 鏈€杩戞瘮杈冪伀鐨勮禋閽遍」鐩? 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